Creatures that lurk in a Boston bathroom

Last night, I found this little guy hanging out on the bathroom wall. Not wanting to cause a scene and knowing that with all those legs he could outrun me, I let him be.

Living in a new country means you get to see wildlife you wouldn’t normally see back home. Cockroaches for one. The heat seems to bring them out in hordes. Fortunately, there are more delightful eye catching ‘creatures’ such as the red cardinals, hummingbirds and chipmunks that feed in the garden.

Sadly Boris the Bug is the only photographic evidence I have of summertime wildlife in Boston If anyone can tell me what he is and if I need to be concerned then please get in touch!

TIP: to attract hummingbirds into the garden you can tie a red ribbon around the branches of trees or shrubs.


The heat is on!


Good morning campers and welcome to day one of the glorious Boston heat wave.

I don’t know how best to describe heat. The warmth of a British summer, yes! But holy mackerel, heat… HEAT… is completely foreign to this English rose. Here is how I’d describe the first three hours of my waking day in today’s Boston heat.

Heat means not having to rely on your alarm clock because at 7am the temperature in the room is already 20 degrees and you’re feeling pretty sticky.

Heat is stepping outside of your house to get to work and immediately regretting not putting sun screen on (but glad to have picked up the sun glasses).

Heat is walking to work and wishing you’d brought that bottle of water with you.

Heat is definitely arriving at work and sitting by the air conditioning unit for the first 30 minutes of the day. Forget water cooler politeness and good morning pleasantries in the office. This English Rose needs to regain her composure.

And finally…
Heat means gin o’clock starts earlier in this evening!

Heat… Sun… and Boston is actually just perfect. I love it.


This morning’s view from the office at 10am -looking out towards the Charles River and Cambridge (the big biotech haven).