Revere in Revere

There may have been a snowstorm in Boston last weekend but you would never have guessed. This Saturday was so  warm that I decided to hop on the subway and head to Revere Beach.

You can smell the salt of the sea as soon as you step off the T.  (Rather refreshing after being in the city all week.)  I followed my nose and headed for the beach.  What a beautiful view awaited!  A long, sandy beach that stretched as far as the eye could see. The sound of waves crashing against the sand and the gulls squawking was just idyllic.  All I needed was an ice cream and the afternoon would be perfect.

According to Wikipedia, Revere Beach is the oldest public beach in America. Also known as the ‘people’s beach’. Scaremongers told me it is a gangster’s haunt and somewhere you may choose to avoid at night…  the only scary event I met was with a yappy dog trying to catch a stick.

Revere Beach is 5 miles away from downtown Boston; about 15 min on the blue-line  T (just before erm… ‘Wonderland‘). Click here for map.