European Friendlies

Meet-up has been a really fun way of getting to know people in Boston. Part of the ‘Simple Plan‘ was to make new friends and so I joined a meetup group with a Europhile theme.

Brookline Euro Meetup‘ was started by Amy, a British expat who moved to Boston with her husband last year.  Anyone who has made the big jump and left Europe for a new life in Boston can join.  The group initially started off with 5 keen members – coincidentally all Brits, but has now grown to almost 40 international members.

Last night, Amy’s group met up for drinks and chat at the local pub -the Publik House.  A pub renowned for their vast range of beer and good food.  Again the Brits attended in full force.

Most people had moved to Boston for work or education.  Alan and Linda, originally from Yorkshire, had been in the USA for 5 years and were now permanent residents.  They were a great source of information about places to visit such as the Cape or the mountains.  Emma and Jess moved over in the summer and were teachers at the British School of Boston.  Both girls were recalling amusing stories about their recent driving tests in Massachusetts.  Apparently Boston drivers are often called Massholes for their hot-headedness and inability to read red lights. Peter was studying law.  Ben, a geneticist trying to find the cure for cancer… and so on.

What an interesting, friendly and fun bunch of people! The night ended with an enthusiastic motion by all to decide on the next meet up there and then. And perhaps even join in the pub quiz next time!

Future ‘Brookline Euro Meetups’ are planned for 24th January and 16th February.  See Amy’s Meetup website for details.