Birthday at the beach: Winthrop

Last weekend I had my first birthday in America.  Away from the summer drizzle in the UK, I headed to the beach for the day with a few girlfriends. We drove 30 minutes from one side of the city of Boston to the other, our destination: Winthrop Beach.

Located in the small town of Winthrop, the beach remains a secret destination to many; a place visited by the locals unlike the tourists of nearby Revere Beach.  There are lots of colourful beach houses with painted doors, large open decks and potted plants in the carefully tended front gardens.  The beach itself has lovely soft sand at one end (near the lifeguard) and a wildlife reservation for nesting birds at the other.

We soaked up the sun, went swimming in the ocean and walked along the beach.  Back in the day Winthrop Beach was a site for clam digging and lobster fishing; now the only digging activity that goes on requires a bucket and spade

On our way back to the car, the girls and I popped into the local marina to take in the view of the Boston skyline across the bay.  I thought the name of the boat “Outsider” was quite apt all things considering.

Winthrop Beach is open all year round from dawn to dusk.  The nearest T-stop is Orient Heights on the blue line – take the Paul Revere bus service to the beach (map). (Probably best to drive there and park on the ocean front)