Amazing Technicolour

What started off as a effortless way to meet new people has now turned into a regular evening activity. Pottery painting.

My latest project was a cookie jar. I wanted to make something really colourful to brighten up the white surfaces of the kitchen in my apartment. I used a range of seven colours to create a rainbow effect and left the paint drop down the sides.

One day I’ll be brave and progress beyond straight lines and stripes (see earlier post ‘A Pottery Painter‘).  But for now, every time I see this fabulous cookie jar I just can’t help singing the words to ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat‘!

I really never thought that I would be so enthusiastic about such a craft. Perhaps it’s the handmade factor (although some may argue that that’s not such a great thing), or the uncertainty of how the colours will really work once the pot is fired, or maybe its simply a very effective way to relax. (Personally, I think that bringing a bottle of wine to the studio is the real bonus).

‘The Clayroom’ is located in Coolidge Corner (map) and open everyday from 12pm until 10pm.


Tarts: for future reference

Late Friday night I made treacle tarts.  Since I’ve blogged about this amazing recipe before, I wont spend too much time on it.  However, I want to mention that you really DO need to use the right equipment when in the kitchen.

Lessons learnt:

(1) Always use a greased tart tin.  I couldn’t find a tart tin and improvised with a baking sheet lined with cup-cake cases.  A greased tart tin will allow the tarts to keep their shape in the heat of the oven AND will stop the pastry from sticking to the cases/tin. Oops, forgot that one!

(2) If you’re feeling lazy then buy shop-bought pastry (as I did) but make sure it is the shortcrust variety.   Regular pie pastry is puff-pastry and will give the tart a weird texture like vula-vonts.

(On the up-side, I did get to try the ‘Instagram‘ photo app on my phone… bloomin’ marvellous at transforming phone photos)