A trip across the pond: back home

Stop number three on the MEGAtrip:  Worcester, England.

Worcester is where I grew up.  Just 2 hours north-west of London, Worcester is home to the famous “Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce“, the Royal Porcelain works, and the site where Oliver Cromwell defeated King Charles in the English Civil War during the 1600’s.  (Yes, lots of memories of school trips to historical sites…)

But I wasn’t there to revisit history or douse my scrambled eggs in Worcestershire Sauce. I was there to visit my family.  Nothing beats going home.  Seeing family and being completely spoiled.

My family home is located in a small village just outside of the city of Worcester.  An old cottage surrounded by fields and woodland. It was great being in the middle of nowhere.  Typical of British weather, April had been a wet month and it was still raining.  Nevertheless, the garden was springing into action – the clematis flowers looked beautiful along the side of the house.  We went walking in the woods to catch the end of the Bluebell season (see photo at the top of the post – note, photo is courtesy of Julie Hunt here).

Mum made my favourite dinner – Roast Chicken and all the trimmings, with homegrown rhubarb in a crumble covered in thick custard. Yum.  Dad made sure there was always tea in the pot and a continuous supply of digestive biscuits for dunking! Perfect.


A trip across the pond: adventures in London and Munich

Hello.  This blogger has returned.  Sorry for the lack of posting but I’ve been busy… very busy on holiday in Europe.

12 days.  Two countries  Four airports.  Eight train journeys. One bicycle ride.

First stop: London, England.

A chance to re-energize with the motherland and absorb all things British. This year, 2012, is a double-celebratory year for the Brits – the year of the Olympics and Queenie’s Diamond Jubilee (60 years on the throne).  Apparently also the year for stringing up bunting and bearing the Union Jack in any place possible.


“Re-energizing in all things British” is simply code for eating a lot of mini-cheddars, Cadbury Twirls and drinking dry cider guilt-free.  It also was an excuse to hassle as many circles of friends as possible during the short time I was there.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the wedding of a very, VERY good friend and partner in crime; Kate.  She was marrying her childhood sweetheart Tom.  The ceremony was located close to the banks of the River Thames by Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.  During the ceremony we could see the London skyline with views of St Paul’s cathedral and Millennium Bridge.  Perfect for a nostalgic ex-pat.

To be continued….

[* last photo is a cheat – I was so excited to see Kate and Tom get married that I forgot to take any photos; this photo was used courtesy of http://deepakg.blogspot.com]

Smug in the sun

Mid-March and the weather in Boston is glorious and sunny.  All week the sky has been a beautiful bright blue and the temperatures as high as  28 ºC (81ºF).  Hot pants have made a come back (for better or worse, I’m not sure).  Forget spring, summer is here!

Like me, most people in the Longwood Medical Area have been outside in the sun en-force.

If you’re one of them and find yourself in need of a refreshing cold drink in the heat, then try out the delights of the Clover Food Lab truck.  They serve all sorts of delicious food and drink including homemade cinnamon lemonade.

Yes, cinnamon-flavoured lemonade.

Perfect for sitting outside and supping on during the midday sun.

I should mention the weather in England is currently miserable, cloudy and cold.  In fact so much so that a friend’s Facebook status asks the following:

 ‘Can the warm weather hurry up?  My chilblains are frozen.’

What’s not to feel smug about right now?