Cycling home as the sun goes down…

…just another reason to love Boston.


What to do with friends in summertime Boston?

Revere Beach in July

This weekend some very good friends came to visit Boston. Ali and Dan, like me, made the big JUMP across the pond seven months ago; moving from our north London neighborhood to the USA. Both are rather good writers and have kept wonderful online journals of their antics in Philadelphia (visit Ali’s blog here and Dan’s blog here). Needless to say, the three of us have a lot in common and I was really looking forward to showing off my new stateside city.

We spent most of the weekend outside on bikes or at the beach. Here is a selection of things we did:



  • Rent bikes from UrbanAdventours (prices start at $35 per 24hrs). We cycled four routes stopping off where something fun took our fancy:
    1. Aquarium- along the Charles River Reservation- MIT…
    … Stopping at Massachusetts Avenue Bridge to take in the view of the Boston skyline.
    2. MIT – along Massachusetts Avenue- Harvard Square…
    …Stopping at Harvard Yard for ice cream while basking in the sun of the historic university grounds.
    3. Harvard Square – along the Emerald Necklace bike path (Back Bay Fens section) – Longwood Medical Area…
    … Stopping at the rose garden (see earlier post) and Harvard Medical School.
    4. Longwood Medical Area – along the Emerald Necklace bike path (Brookline section) – Jamaica Pond…
    … Stopping at the boat house by Jamaica Pond to watch the swans on the water.
  • Wander around the Italian Quarter in the North End and dine at Nico’s where violent gangster movies are screened during dinner!
  • Nip into Matt Murphy’s at Brookline Village for a night-cap.


  • Walk through the Boston Public Gardens
  • Grab lunch at the Parish Cafe on Boylston Street where the best sandwiches in Boston are served.
  • Paddle in the water at Revere beach while eating ice cream

Revere Beach

The heat is on!


Good morning campers and welcome to day one of the glorious Boston heat wave.

I don’t know how best to describe heat. The warmth of a British summer, yes! But holy mackerel, heat… HEAT… is completely foreign to this English rose. Here is how I’d describe the first three hours of my waking day in today’s Boston heat.

Heat means not having to rely on your alarm clock because at 7am the temperature in the room is already 20 degrees and you’re feeling pretty sticky.

Heat is stepping outside of your house to get to work and immediately regretting not putting sun screen on (but glad to have picked up the sun glasses).

Heat is walking to work and wishing you’d brought that bottle of water with you.

Heat is definitely arriving at work and sitting by the air conditioning unit for the first 30 minutes of the day. Forget water cooler politeness and good morning pleasantries in the office. This English Rose needs to regain her composure.

And finally…
Heat means gin o’clock starts earlier in this evening!

Heat… Sun… and Boston is actually just perfect. I love it.


This morning’s view from the office at 10am -looking out towards the Charles River and Cambridge (the big biotech haven).