Wednesday MASS No. 5

There has been a significant lack in Wednesday MASS posting lately.  Sorry about that.  I hope I can make amends with this week’s post.  Bringing a little joy into your day, a bounce in your step and burst of spring excitement… have a listen to this absolutely lovely track by Thumpers (listen below).  

They have a thing for balloons too.


Meet-up: a first timer

Friday night was my first meet-up gathering.  I was a fully-fledged member of the ‘New to Boston Meetup Group 20’s to early 30’s‘.  We were meeting at the Museum of Fine Arts.

On the first Friday of every month, the Museum of Fine Arts opens late and offers a night of live music, food and wine.  What a fantastic night!  Amazing art, beautiful music, and a wealth of friendly company… yes, 40 guys and girls who, like me, were there to meet new people whilst taking in the artsy atmosphere.

And to think I was scared.

I even found an exhibition on British Fashion during the wartime.  Female factory workers often wore headscarves.  Look at this fantastic print on a wartime headscarf.

Museum of Fine Arts is located on Huntingdon Avenue (map).  Tickets are free to members and students; adults, $22.  Current exhibition includes ‘Degas and the Nude’ and ‘Beauty as Duty: British Wartime Fashion’.