Max Brenner & All Things Chocolatey

Have you ever heard of Max Brenner?  How about ‘the man with the bald head’?  No? Well give it a whirl.

Max Brenner is an international chain of restaurants that specialise in all things chocolatey.  Hot chocolate, chocolate-sundaes, chocolate pizza…. to name but a few.  I alluded to this chocolate heaven in a previous post.  According to the website, ‘Chocolate is not just about taste. Max Brenner… is creating a chocolate culture’.  Indeed, as you walk in the restaurant the smell of melted chocolate hits you and is absolute bliss!  The restaurant itself is designed to look like a chocolate factory; lots of conical flasks line the shelves and cylinders of cocoa beans too.

You should try the ‘S’mores’; thick chocolate mouse topped with white marshmallow fluff and crackers, on the side is a miniature flask of honey to drizzle over the sugary goo… all set on a plate decorated in graph paper – a scientist’s heaven!

Max Brenner is located on Boylston St (map), nearest T-stop is Copley Square.


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