Light ideas

Recently, I have spent a lot of time online perusing design websites.  I love flicking through the images and seeing how an old idea can be transformed into something funky and original. These websites have been a great inspiration for ideas to furnish my new apartment.

Here are a few designs I stumbled upon when looking for lighting ideas:

1. Test-tube Chandelier: “Maria”

This clever concoction was coined by Polish designers at gangdesign.  Incidentally named “Maria”, in honour of Marie Curie, the first scientist to win two Nobel prizes (in physics and chemical science).  I like how adding flowers can bring the outdoors indoors, or a touch of food colouring transforms colour in a room.

2. Brainy Light Bulbs

In keeping with the science theme, Solovyovdesign from Belarus, have developed these brain-shaped light bulbs. They’re energy-efficient too! Smart.

3. The Lamp Crystal

Swedish designers, Apocalypse Labotech, developed ‘The Lamp Crystal’: lampshades that are made almost entirely of salt.  They used a salt solution and a bucket to grow salt crystals on the sides of the bucket.  When placed over a lamp, a beautiful glimmering effect is seen as the light shines through the salt crystals.

4. British-style Teapot Lighting

Something close to my heart, a good cup of tea, this designer lamp from Oddbirds hits the spot.

5.  Cassette Chandelier

This is one of my favourites. I am a little biased because it is designed by my old London roommate Alexander!  I love how the light catches the reds and browns in the cassette ribbon. So different.


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